Surgery and Anaesthesia


Wellington Village Vet provides a wide range of surgical services, including de-sexing’s, soft tissue and orthopedics. All of our patients undergoing a surgical procedure are offered the opportunity to have a blood test which we do in house. In house screening means that we can get the results within the hour and be able to perform surgery on the same day.

Pre anaesthetic blood screening gives us the opportunity to check for any abnormalities that may change the medications used during your pet’s procedure. It also gives us the chance to see what’s going on inside and help address any medical issues before they become a clinical problem.

All of our surgical patients receive intra-venous fluid therapy whilst under anaesthetic. This helps keep your pets blood pressure within normal range and means that the anaesthetic agents will be excreted by the body more quickly- which means less stress on the patients internal organs.

Our patients are also monitored by a Veterinary Nurse dedicated to your pets care while undergoing any procedure. We use a state of the art monitoring machine to assist with monitoring your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and oxygen saturation levels.

All of this information is vital for monitoring your pet, and helps our Veterinary team provide gold standard care.