Puppy Preschool

Wellington Village Vet is proud to offer Puppy Pre-School Classes in conjunction with K9 Connect.

Their Power Up Pup program has been designed with your baby puppy in mind.

With over 20 years of training and behavioural experience, K9 Connect runs a fun and interactive program, encouraging you to really get involved in the training and socialisation of your new furry family member and to enjoy the adventure as your puppy grows and develops.

Socialising your pup and getting them out and about is very important for their early development. Our qualified trainer will discuss how to go about this safely with your puppy, in order to set your pup up as a resilient, confident pup in today’s human world.

Puppy pre-school is a 4 week program, that covers all of the topics to help you get through the puppy times and to help set you and your puppy up for a happy future together.

We cover things like: mouthing and biting, jumping up, house training, as well as introducing basic social manners, obedience skills and relaxed compliance-using a release word.

We invite puppies from ages 8-20 weeks to enroll. Ideally one person per puppy to attend.

Classes are held on a weekday evening from 6-7pm.

Please get in touch with our reception staff to book for our next class.



K9 Connect